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Terranova West MUD

Terranova West MUD
The Terranova West MUD District includes the entire Terranova West community and the commercial properties bordering Louetta Road between T C Jester and on either side of Terranova West Drive.

It is operated separately from the Property Owners Association and provides information to residents as a courtesy and convenience.  For this reason, emergency messages may or may not appear on this site. Residents are urged to sign up to receive emergency notifications from Terranova West MUD at 

Below is the contact information for Terranova West MUD.

For issues with water/sewer service, contact the Operator for the District.
Hays Utility South
Emergencies only:  281-353-9809
Billing Questions:    281-353-9756  8 AM - 4:15 PM 

All other issues regarding the District including issues with Hays Utility South should be directed by email to:

Information regardig the District's structure and water/sewer rates can be found under Resources, Terranova West MUD. Additional documents relevant to the District will be posted in the future. 

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